Hours of Operation

Thursday, June 2: 6pm - 8:30pm
Friday, June 3: 6pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, June 4: 10am - 8:30pm
Sunday June 5: 10am - 7:30pm
Thursday, June 9 (Business Day): 10am - 5pm
Thursday, June 9: 6pm - 8:30pm
Friday, June 10: 6pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, June 11: 10am - 8:30pm
Sunday June 12: 10am - 5:30pm

Special Closing Ceremony @ 4:45 on Sunday, June 12

The public is invited to participate in a closing ceremony. We will kick off with a community conversation, discussing what we notice about the connections we've made. Afterwards, we will hand out scissors and invite everyone to literally and symbolically cut the ties to our labels. This will bring down the UNITY web and allow us to share the space as interconnected human beings. Please bring scissors if you can! We want as many people as possible to be able to cut the ties.