UNITY has truly become a movement, take a look to see what Team UNITY has shared since June 2016!

Inaugural UNITY, Alexandria, VA.

After 41 hours of operation, the community built a canopy of interconnectedness so thick it was hard to see the sky. Together, we used almost 200,000 feet of yarn (over 37 miles!) to show ourselves and the world how intricately interwoven our lives are. We are simply in awe of the community's involvement and the volunteers who donated so generously of their time, talents and resources. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in person and remotely. Together, we can spread unity through each interaction we have with every person we touch.

Colorado Springs, CO.

Photos: Amber Cote, video: Urban Shredding

Temple Sinai in Stamford, Conn.

Photos: Betsy Stone

Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia

Photos: Sara Hirst

Bethel College in North Newton, KS

Photos: Zachary Preheim

I wanted to say thank you for developing this successful project. I am the Chair of the Diversity Council of the Student Government Association at Bethel College, and we are constantly looking for activities to help promote diversity across our campus. As with many campuses across the country, diversity has been a major topic being discussed everyday by students. We are a small school of under 500 students and community is something we really stress due to our small size. I believe this project was a perfect fit for our school and greater community.

As we were taking the yarn down, several students came up and told us that they did not want us to take down such a beautiful piece of artwork. It’s been really amazing to see all of the students, faculty, staff, and community stop and think as they pass by the Unity Project.
— Zachary Preheim

Chapel Hill, NC

Photos:  Erika Lusk/Meredith Dange